Amino Acid Therapy Non-Invasive Diagnosis & Treatment

Amino Acid Therapy Non-Invasive Diagnosis & Treatment

Since incorporation in 1988, MWC has been operating as a wellness center and providing non-invasive diagnosis and treatment services for various ailments. Based in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India), we are providing Amino Acid Therapy Non-Invasive Diagnosis & Treatment services across India. The diagnosis and therapy is conducted by our expert therapists. We render treatment by keeping the patient’s condition in notice. So, to schedule an appointment, ring us on the given numbers.


Amino acids are basic building blocks used in the body to build proteins, such as muscle and other tissue, and they also serve as precursors to neurotransmitters. Amino acid therapy may be used to treat a variety of conditions, including parkinson’s disease, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, addictions, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and more.  

In simple words, so to say, every human being should go in for a regular scan for the amino acids, and correct the same at the earliest. Let’s say an imbalanced amino acid could lead to multiple disorders which cannot be reversed.

We, at mehak wellness centre, offer non-invasive diagnosis on state of the art, latest 21st century technology to verify the state of amino acids and offer a solution to balance them. We are in a position to diagnose and help in balancing the same.

This can be diagnosed much before any other modern science equipment / test could diagnose.
Diagnosis on the neuro and neurotransmitters, and correcting them is our specialization. 

In most cases it goes undiagnosed, thus time is wasted and no proper solution is offered.

Dr. Mehra, with vast experience of 30 years, working with chronic cases and winning accolades (75+ certificates & awards); is confident that with the balancing of the amino acids most of the discomforts / disorders / diseases can be curbed.

We offer in house non-invasive diagnosis followed with therapy for correction along with anti-dotes & supplements required to stabilize the condition.

Balanced amino acids will aid in a balanced metabolism

Non-invasive treatment for amino acids

Solution for balancing amino acids

  • Test costs Rs.18,000/-. (optional)
  • Panel test Rs.3,900/-
  • Qrma test Rs.3,900/-
  • Therapy per session Rs.12,000/- (optional)
  • Panel therapy per session Rs.5,000/-

Cost of other related therapies, detoxification & supplements / frequency medication is recommended as per the patient’s budget and comfort. Inquiry for supplement chart.

  • 17B Amino Acid

  • 17C Amino Acid

  • 17D Amino Acid

  • 17E Amino Acid

  • 17F Amino Acid