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Detoxification Treatment Non-Invasive Diagnosis & Therapy

Detoxification Treatment Non-Invasive Diagnosis & Therapy

Doctor Rajeev Mehra with an experience of over 30 years attached with Mehak Wellness Centre uses the latest state of art techniques to evaluate the problem for a particular imbalance for a specific disorder, disease. Computerized diagnoses to evaluate 7000 parameters within minutes. The reading generated informs us on the percentage of disorder, cause of the same and line of action. Thus by following a set pattern we are in a position to tackle any disease, disorder recorded in medical science. To get best results, balancing and repairing on Genetic and Auto Immune are undertaken. Doctor Rajeev Mehra recipient of more than 75 awards in the last 30 years has been honoured with awards like, BEST CANCER SPECIALIST IN INDIA. BEST GENETIC SPECIALIST IN INDIA. Therapies are non-invasive thus safe without any side effects. Diagnosis can reveal the Genetic pattern years before the disease manifests on the physical. Possibility of diseases like Cancer and Diabetes can be detected years in advance. Any therapy without a proper Detoxification would never be complete. To get results from any therapy, any disease, Detoxification is a must. Best Detoxification Clinic Mehak Wellness Centre. Detoxification specialist Doctor Rajeev Mehra. Non Invasive treatment for Detoxification at Mehak Wellness Centre. Colloidal Silver Water treatment for Detoxification. Zapper treatment for Detoxification. Best Detoxification specialist doctor Rajeev Mehra. Genetic disorder doctor Rajeev Mehra. DETOXIFICATION Treatment at Mehak Wellness Centre.

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