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Hepatitis Specialist Non-Invasive Diagnosis and Therapy

Hepatitis Specialist Non-invasive Diagnosis and Therapy



An inflammation of the liver.

HEPATITIS refers to an inflammatory condition of the liver. It’s commonly caused by a viral infection, but there are other possible causes of hepatitis. These include autoimmune hepatitis and hepatitis that occurs as a secondary result of medications, drugs, toxins, and alcohol. Autoimmune Hepatitis is a disease that occurs when your body makes antibodies against your liver tissue.


Most common types and SYMPTOMS:

Some cases have no symptoms. When symptoms occur, they can include yellow skin or eyes (jaundice), nausea, abdominal pain, fatigue and fever.


Hepatitis A

  • A highly contagious liver infection caused by the hepatitis A virus.
  • Symptoms include fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and low-grade fever.


Hepatitis B

  • A serious liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus.
  • Symptoms are variable and include yellowing of the eyes, abdominal pain and dark urine. Some people, particularly children, don't experience any symptoms. In chronic cases, liver failure, cancer or scarring can occur.


Hepatitis C

  • An infection caused by a virus that attacks the liver and leads to inflammation.
  • Most people have no symptoms. Those who do develop symptoms may have fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and yellowing of the eyes and skin.


Hepatitis D

  • A serious liver disease caused by infection with the hepatitis D virus.
  • Symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea and fatigue.


Hepatitis E

  • A liver disease caused by the hepatitis E virus.
  • Symptoms include jaundice, lack of appetite and nausea. In rare cases, it may progress to acute liver failure.

  • AA Hepatitis

  • BB Hepatitis

  • E Hepatitis

  • F Hepatitis

  • Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis B

  • Hepatitis C

  • Hepatitis C

  • Hepatitis D

  • Hepatitis E

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