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Past Life Correction Karmic Correction Non-Invasive Diagnosis and Therapy

Past Life Correction Karmic Correction Non-Invasive Diagnosis and Therapy


  • Suffering, Pain, Financial Losses, Relationship Issues, Depression, Health Issues, we can go on and on to share our failures in life and end up in blaming the Almighty the Creator. We feel we are the only one being targeted for suffering and pain. But NO, we all go through some of this at some point of time.
  • Has anybody tried to evaluate the cause? If you search around you, you may not find any answer, only excuses for our suffering, which we gladly accept.
  • Has anyone tried to look deeper, why me? Well our scriptures say it all. It is our SOUL, which is travelling, from one birth to another. We get a new body, a new name every time we reappear, but our deeds we carry with us.
  • In every new birth, we get an opportunity to undo the past and move higher. But without realising we keep on adding to our past mistakes and come to a stage where we have no more space to carry our junk. This is the point where we feel the PAIN of carrying useless unrequired acts whose weight we are unable to carry any more.
  • Understanding and realising our mistakes and working on it to rectify the same, gives us relief. Visiting Holy shrines does not take away any of our accumulated negative KARMAS, but helps us in showing how to deal with the same. At the end of the day, only our Good KARMAS would help in giving relief.
  • We have been accumulating negative KARMAS for unknown number of births / lives, and it would take a while before we realise our mistake and start working on the same.
  • Here at MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE, the opportunity is available to know the barriers blocking your growth, cause for your sufferings and an opportunity to work on the same.
  • We, at MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE, offer NON-INVASIVE Diagnosis on State of the Art, latest 21st Century technology to verify the BLOCKAGE / CAUSE OF PRESENT SUFFERING. We are in a position to diagnose and Help in correcting the cause of your suffering.
  • This can be diagnosed much before you experience any Pain, Suffering or any Disturbances in your present life.



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